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Dad & Bud took 21 bills to mail

                             at Post Office


Wednesday         8          August

220th                            145 Days

Day                                to come

Lawson's down in eve. Bud gave me 1/2

pan of lima beans.

Very foggy, dull till noon then

brightened up a little. clearing by

eve. & warmer. Dad & Bud up to

Aneta's little while then on duct

work in shop. Bud to Darrel's

abojut 3-30. I cleaned rest of flowers

along side & set out litte petunias

They had come up in urn. More

coming & some large ones are blooming

can't set them out now. At supper

time Bob called & asked Dad if

we could come up. but Dad has

to go with Wallace to Downington

Ethel called a little later & said she

felt better & able to keep a little

food. Wish she had called this [??morn?]

she didn't want me to come up to-night