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Bob, Ethel & Bobby left on trip to see

Maggie & Ken          Bullock this



Saturday        11          August

223rd                          142 Days

Day                                to come


foggy, hot & sticky. Sun never did

get out bright all day.  Dad & Bud up

to [? Love's or Lore's?] a little while.  I started to

copy Plumbing & heating specif. for Dad

on job for Bill Cloud.  Watkins new

house. 6 pages. wish I had a type-

writer.  I am not doing much.

Bud mowing around with Gravely

Dad mowed lawn next drive.  After

supper Dad took Mama & I to

drive in  Movie.  real good pictures

& she could see them real good.

surely a lot of cars in the lot.

Home at 11-30.  Charlotte & Clarence

were at Buds.  They didn't leave

till 12.  Little David must of been