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Adele [?Trugness??] buried to-morrow.

Mrs. Butler's



Sunday         12                           August

224th                                         141 Days

Day   12th Sunday after trinity      to come


foggy.  hot & humid.  Bill Heyburn caalled

Dad. Mortor burned out at Slaughter

house so he & Bud went down at 9

took Motor off & Bud took it to [? Kenneth?]

to be fixed.  took it back & got water

for them, not home till 3. Dad & I

at Church. not many out.  Dr.  Heim

was pastor.  About 4 o'clock Bud

{??Samy?] & children down to Drexel Hill

to visit Metzers.  Mr. Mease taking

up potatoes.  very quiet around

here. We had our dinner at 3.

Hope it is clear for Ethel & Bob . It

came on shower about 6, then cleared

off again.   I asked Bill Wylie to send

flowers to Furness funeral. from the

Villae Flower ship.