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Monday         13                   August

225th                                  140 Days

Day                                     to come

Walter back

SUN. shining, clear for a nice change

Men to Bill [T or J eates].   I did a big

washing. grans day for Ethel & Bob

hope they are having good time.

All clothes dried fine,& I put sheets

back on bed.  After supper Dad &

Bud worked on bid for Watkins

hoouse.  Abot 8-30 Ethel called me

They had gotten back at 6 had

a grand time, Bobby loved to

travel & slept all-right in new

bed. 9{[ Glenn's ?]crib). If nice are going

to Ocean City to-morrow for the

day.  Bobby will love tbe sand.

Bud went Home at 11.  These

bids are a lot of work, and then

maybe not get the job.