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Tuesday         14              August

226th                              139 Days

Day                                to come

Bob, Ethel & Bobby at Ocean City.

foggy, very damp, sun didn't get out

real bright all day.  Dadd W. to

Leaman's. Bud to Dr. H. once home also other

house of his then to Ed. Hughes.  He

& W. to Ernest Faucett's [??apart] to

fix toilet.  Ironed & run sweeper a

little.  I fixed dotted dress sleeves

ready to wash it to-morrow.

I didn't hear anything from Ethel

in eve. so maybe they stayed

over-night.  Dad wanted a bid

typed for Bill Cloud so [?? Samy]

did it & Dad took it down right

after supper.  Dad & Ma [T or L.] down

in eve.  Bud picked lima

beans & brought some over.

Anita called me,  Their trip is off.