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Wednesday           15                August

 227th                                      138 Days

 Day    Assumpotion B.V. Mary      to come

foggy by cleared quickly. Kenny not

good so I told Bud I would read

to him if [?Samy??] wanted me to.  Dad

L. down, he helped her with washing

& took 2 baskets of tomatoes up to

Carmer's for them.  Jean was good

baby & by noon I think Kenny feelt

better. stomach I think.  Dad to

Mrs. Eachus & boy's to Earnest Stellwagen

I took clothes off line for [? Samy??]  &

folded them. shelled limas for her

supper.  Bob, Ethel & Bobby came in

then. She had washed to-day &

said they had good time yesterday.

Home at 11 last night.  She got corn

tomatoes, limas & left at 5-15 could of

stayed for supper only hadn't Bobby' things