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Thursday           16                       August

 228th                                          137 Days

 Day  Bennington Battle Day )Vt.)      to come


Bots to Ken. S. Seaman's, Me. Williams

Nice day. getting very dry.  [? Samy??] called

me & said Kenny has sore throat, she

was taking him in to Dr. Jacobs as

A, was away.  I went over & kept

Baby Jean, after I rocked her she

selpt till 12-30, so I ironed few

pieces for [? Samy??] Dr. Jacobs says Kenny

has strep. throat, gave him a shot

of Penicillin, have to get 2  more &

stay in few days.  They are bailing

alfaalfa in field next so that

amuses him fine.  He took naop &

ate fair supper.  Dad & I up in eve.

to tell Ethel so I planned to go up

there & keep Bobby instead of bring-

ing him down.  Think it will be

better anyhow.  Bud fixed motor

on coach to move Baby Jean.