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Ethel & Bob to Ocean City for 2 days

M. J. Birthday

present to Bo


Thursday           16                       August

 228th                                          137 Days

 Day  Bennington Battle Day )Vt.)      to come

I left lunch on plates for Dad & Mama

[?Samy??] taking Kenny for shot to-day.

Beautiful day.  Boys at R. Steward.

Dad took me up to Ethel's. We took Bobby

& went into [?U.C.??] while they got off about

9-30 for Ocean City.  I got chicken at

L. Market & few things, also set of rubber

[? T????] at Rubenstein's for Bobby. little shovel

& bucket at DeHaren's.  Dad came back

at 10-30, Bobby & I played.  he likes his

tools.  ate good lunch for me & took

good nap.  Dad & Mama up at 5 for

supper.  We took nice ride out to

air-port & up to new road there back.

They cme Home at 7-30.  About 8-15 I

gave him bath & rocked a little while

went to bed grand. [illegable] cool in night

so I slipped in & put a blnket on

him.  slept all night good, up at 8