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him & said good-night.  god little

fellow soon asleep.


Saturday    18        August

230th                     135 Day

Day                         to come

                       had fine time

They got Hme at 9-15 & looked good


Beautioful day.  Bobby slept good

all night, woke sat 8 & we got

dressed, soon had breakfast

then played out in yard awhile

Dad called me at Home & I told''

hom to bring Mama & come up at

three o'clock.  Gave Bobby lunch looking

at circy=us on Tev. good & he lioked

it.  About 1-30 put him to nap

but Jean came to borrow bowl

of Mix Master & our talking woke

him.  We played tho. & he was happy

looking for [?Top, Top ??].  We all had

supper to gether at little table off

kitchen.  Was hoping they might get

back to say Good-night to Bobby but

too sleepy, after bath at 8, I rocked