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Ethel brought mer littler brown pitcher

real cute.                 taffys to Mama

& box of

candy.  little chickie       truck for Bobby

           for Jean              jeep for -- Kenny

Sunday    19        August

231th                     134 Day

Day                         to come

Dad made check or Dr. Heim.

Bud over to water work on [?Stewarth"??] place


Beautiful day. not too hot.  Dad

Bud & I at Church.  Dr. Heim our

minister, better every time you

hear him. liberty & loyalty was

his theme.  Mrs, Butler thanked

us for flowers sent her Sister

funeral (Furness).  So glad we

sent them.  We had dinner at

3-30.  Lausons & Aunt Grace over

at Bud's for dinner.  Kenny out

in sun awhile in after-noon

for the 1st.  He seems real good.

Bud & Dad were watering straw

berries when Bob, Ethel, & Bobby came

in few min.  G. Steels came with little

boys & they played nice.  Sorry Kenny had

to be in house, gave Ethel limas, tomatoes