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Baby Jean 3 Mo. old.


Wednesday          22            August

234th                                   131 Days

Days                                      10 come


Beautiful day.  Boys at [Fischer's??]

Dad took me to Ethel's we

got at her basket of peaches.  Had

6 qts' done by noon.  After lunch

we finishesd the 11 qts. look

nice.  I put her white African violet

in another pot.  Bobby is a good

little chap.  Mrs. Boswell & Mrs

Burns came in to see peaches

& talk a bit, made us [hustle??]

for Ethel to bring me Home

& back for Bob.  Bud/[Samy?]

up to get our peaches in eve.

at Worthington'.  Dad & I down

to Movie, 2 very good pictures

but not too many cars.  It

is always 12 before we get Home.