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Bud bought me 1 basket peaches

1/2 basket

Gravenstine apples

for Ethel & I.


Thursday           23               August

235th                                    130 Days

Day                                        to come


clear & cool.  Cows in our garden

again but don't think too much

damage.Boys to Fisher's.  Dad in shop

on Eachus cans (name plates).  I did

up 2 qts. peaches but too solid yet.  I

put pan of apples (Gravenstine) to bake.

(lovely).  After lunch I did up 2

more qts. before supper I did 3

& later 1 more., 8 all to-gether & I

have 4 left from last year.  I will

use the rest.  Dad too apples, corn

tomatoes & peppers to Ethel about 4

o'clock.  Ma L. down in eve. helping

[Samy?], she is putting up her

peaches this year herself. only way

to learn.  Dr. Charch over to see

Bud & spoke to him quite nice.