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January 21—February 20

An all around person but specializing in nothing.  Fond of

imparting knowledge to others.  An excellent teacher, a good

surgeon and a poor mathematician.  Kind, generous and 

courageous.  Commons sense stupendous, but too practical to

be visionary.  Never gives quick or drastic decisions; too re-

strained and discreet.  Writes fluently and pleasantly, but too

superficial to be real good authors.  Many bachelors.  A good

public citizen.  Best companions—Gemini and Libra.


Cusp of Aquarius

February 21—28

Honorable in business and all other relations.  Obliging 

and promising favors at the moment, forgetting them the 

next.  When happily married, are the most joyous of people.



February 20—March 22

Natural wanderers.  Lack concentration and directness.

Adaptability to circumstances, and environment may be 

their salvation.  Careless with money.  Genial and life of party.

Essentially lazy; most domestic.  Sub-conscious mind is better

mind.  Makes a good friend.  Best companioins—Cancer and



Cusp of Pisces

March 21—28

Impressionable, unselfish, and domineering.  Generous and

great business ability.



March 22—April 21

Energetic, proud, aggressive, self-willed and impulsive.

Vast initiative, but lack persistency.  Good conversation-