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alist, and can be depended upon always to provide enter-

tainment.  Diplomatic, honest and generous in money matters.

More capable than others in public affairs.  Can progress,

but not change radically.  Make excellent orators.  Best com-

panions—Virco and Capricorn.


Cusp of Aries

April 19—27

Idealistic, practical.  Not always physically robust, but have

a wiry, tenacious nature.  Very imaginative.



April 21—May 22

A hard sign to overcome.  Muscular, endurance almost

superhuman.  Many acrobats.  Patient and calm, but when

roused, very excitable.  Good for executive positions.  Sound,

conservative financier.  A loyal and trusting friend.  Unless

understood they develop an inferiority complex.  Best com-

panions—Virgo and Capricorn.


Cusp of Taurus

May 20—27

Versatilely gifted.  Great thinkers, orators and inventors.

Busy and helpful when interested, but indolent when in 

poor spirits.  Proud, preferring starvation to dependence.

When understood are willingly helpful with their blending

of spiritual and material qualities.



May 22—June 22

A dual character, one trait contradicting the other.  Lack-

ing in stability and easily influenced by others.  Alert, rest-

less, robust.  Develops but never creates.  Apt to be scatter-

brained.  Adaptable to circumstances because of rapidly

changing opinion.  May be nervous but enduring.  Has a 

good time during life.  Careless in money matters.  Often

shallow and superficial.  Good administrators in public affairs.