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if things are going well.  Best companions—Aquarius and



Cusp of Gemini

June 21—28

Self-willed and conceited.  Mercurial.  Magnetic personal-

ity; both brilliant and great talkers, sometimes ardent

readers.  Conservative, intellectual and affectionate.



June 22—July 24

Both active and passive.  Their determination of an idea

cannot be balked, but if hurt they lose heart.  Idealistic,

poetic, romantic and imaginative, often times lazy.  Inspiring

teachers or guides.  Rarely strongly intellectual.  Spiritually

developed.  Moody.  Easily adaptable to environment.  Writes

fluently and pleasantly, but unoriginal.  Easily swayed and

should cultivate independence, generally taking the line of

least resistance.  Enjoy working with their hands.  Best friends

—Pisces and Scorpio.


Cusp of Cancer

July 21—28

Super-sensitive, conservative and often over-confident.

Deep thinkers, lovers of books. Very domestic.



July 24—August 24

All are kind-hearted, generous, sympathetic, idealistic,

executive and magnetic.  More merciful than just.  Prone to

anger and to excess pride.  Excitable and accessible to 

flattery.  Generous with money and expect the same in return.

Great optimist.  Fairly domestic.  Can't harbor a grudge.  Likes

danger and adventure.  In matters of state, bold and saga-

cious.  Happy in responsibility.  Best companions — Aries and