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Cusp of Leo

August 21—28

Dominant, analytical, intellectual.  Excellent teachers, sales-

men and physicians.  Very tactful, and rarely offend or 




August 24—September 24

Theirs is an orderly mind.  Fine scholars and inspirational

musicians.  May be talented, but never a genius.  Excellent

critic.  A purist and statistician.  Not aggressive, and good

company.  Thrifty and constructive in financial matters.

Domestic, preferring country to city.  Make a good com-

mercial lawyer, scientist or philosopher.  Lacks enthusiasm and

emotionalism.  Enjoys intellectual friendships, but easily

broken because of differing opinions.  Make a good partner,

trustworthy and diligent in all affairs.  Best friends—Capri-

corn and Taurus.


Cusp of Virgo

September 21—28

Discriminating and intellectual.  The reserve of Virgo is

contradicted by the ease and enthusiasm of Libra making

a fascinating character.  Always making the best of any

circumstance.  They are ardent lovers and devoted companions.



September 24—October 24

A deep, mysterious character; often deceptive in telling

the truth.  Very rhythmical and fond of dancing.  Gentle and

amiable.  Inclined to procrastinate.  Prone to making excuses

to justify their actions.  Not so good in financial affairs, but

astonishingly accurate if necessary.  Mathematical ability

great.  A gentle and subtle speaker.  Domestic.  In public

affairs sound and conservative.  Shrewd in tactics, ingenious.

Make a good scientist, philosopher or clergyman.  Best

friends—Aquarius and Gemini.