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Cusp of Libra

October 21—28

Artistic, self-interested and materialistic.  The women

are excellent cooks and housekeepers.  Executive ability.



October 24—November 23

Strong will power.  Direct to point, selfish, critical, skep-

tical, never compromising.  A great seeker of the truth.

Excellent physicians.  Great organizer.  Turns everything to

his own account in money.  Strictly honest.  Powerful and

eloquent speakers, sometimes make convincing clergymen.

Fond of outdoor sports.  Poor business partner.  Best com-

panions—Pisces and Cancer.


Cusp of Scorpio

November 21—28

Shrewd in all financial or business dealings.  Magnanimous

and generous.  Very courageous.  Happy in married life.



November 23—December 23

Fond of outdoor sports, particularly horses.  Temper-

amental, expansive and altruistic.  Idealistic and practical,

honest and sincere.  Very critical.  Easily swayed by opinions

of others.  Good teachers and sure of financial success.

Often presumptive of position.  Promises not always ful-

filled.  Lasting friendships; religiously skeptical.  Unusual

degree of mental activity.  Best companions—Aquarius and



Cusp of Sagittarius

December 21—28

Deep thinkers.  Make good teachers.  Good conversation-

alists.  Good workers.