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Words ending in e drop that letter before the termination

able, as in move, movable, unless ending in ce or ge, when

it is retained, as in change, changeable, etc.

Words of one syllable ending in a consonant, with a single

vowel before it double that consonant in derivatives, as ship,

shipping, etc.  But if ending in a consonant with a double

vowel before it, they do not double the consonant in deriva-

tives; as trooper, trooper, etc.

Words of more than one syllable ending in a consonant

preceded by a single vowel, and accented on the last syl-

lable, double that consonant in derivatives; as commit,

committed but except chagrin, chagrined.

Words ending in l, double that letter in the termination ly.

Participates ending in ing, from verbs ending in e, lose the

final e; as have, having, make, making, etc.; but verbs end-

ing in ee retain both; see, seeing.  Dye, to color, and singe,

to scorch, however, must retain the e before ing.

All verbs ending in ly and nouns ending in ment retain the 

final e of the primitives; as brave, bravely; refine, refine-

ment except words ending in ge; as judge, judgment.

Nouns ending in y, preceded by a vowel, form their plural

by adding s; as money, moneys; but if y is preceded by a 

consonant it is changed to ies in the plural as bounty,