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43 Men Are 

Released At


Captain Richard G. Park

Among Those to Be




Two officers and 41 enlisted men

whose homes are in or near West

Chester, were among a large num-

ber of Pennsylvania soldiers dis-

charged from the Army through 

the Separation Center at Indian-

town Gap Military Reservation, on

Monday. The releases came in time

for the men to spend New Year's

Eve and New Year's Day at their

homes. They are:

Capt. Richard G. Park, Cloverly

Farm, West Chester.

Lt. Wilbur F. Koons, 302 West

State street, Kennett Square.

Cpl. Pete Patterson, 219 Penn

street, Downingtown.

Pfc. Fred M. Pollock, Downing-


S/Sgt. Howard M. Rissell, R. D.

2, Coatesville.

Pfc. James V. Rice, R. D. 4,


S/Sgt. Nathan J. Nafe. Jr., 104

Strode avenue, Coatesville.

Pfc. Louis J. Savini, R. D. 2,

Kennett Square.

Pvt. William E. Banks, R. D. 1,


Sgt. Robert Deatrick, R. D. 3,


Sgt. John D. Robison, 408 Grant

avenue, Downingtown.

T/5 Granville A. Jackson, 335

West Chestnut St., West Chester

T/5 Wm. A. Marshman, Thorn-


T/5 Fred A. Abboni, Jr., R. D. 2,

Kennett Square.

Pfc. David Henry, 424 East Main

St., Coatesville.

T/4 Norman J. Anderson, Birch

St., Kennett Square.

T/Sgt. Newlin L. Moore, 24 N.

7th Ave., Coatesville.

T/5 Joseph W. Stewart, 319 E. 

Linden St., Kennett Square.

Pfc. Richard B. Carter, R. D. 1,

Kennett Square.

Pfc. Lawrence G. Butcher, Avon-


Cpl. Jerry J. Williams, 223 East 

South St., Kennet Square.

T/4 Joseph P. Morelli, Sweres-

ford Road, Malvern.

T/5 John E. Epp, 29 East Gay St., 

West Chester.

Sgt. Robert M. Clark, R. D. 4,

West Chester.

Cpl. Christian Esch, 346 Valley

Road. Coatesville.

S/Sgt. George A. Long, 851

Coates St., Coatesville.

Sgt. Orland J. Cozzone, 29 Via-

duct avenue, Downingtown.

Pfc. Richard L. Rimel, 334 Fleet-

wood St., Coatsville.

Pfc. John W. Schroeder, Coch-


Pfc. Pasquale P. Marcocci, 383

Jefferson avenue, Downingtown.

T/5 Leon G. Oberholtzer, 125 S.

4th ave., Coatesville.

Pfc. Andrew R. Wasko, 132

Strode ave., Coatesville.

Cpl. Theodore R. Pyne, 204 North

Adams street, West Chester.

Cpl. Harry [text loss] Har-

mony street, Coatesville.