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153 gal. fuel oil $11.78 paid  Tues.


30° cold & clear  very Happy day.

1946  Dad & I up at 8-30. He worked in

shop & I cleaned a little Had creamed

turkey for lunch then at 2 in comes Bud

& Lanny. So glad to see them. I had real cut-

19 let for supper, raisin pie for desert. Good time

just talking to him. He got 4 qts milk at [?]

& I had extra sugar, pineapple, straw berries for them.

to take. & his [?]. Went Home about 10-30.

1947  WED.

started snowing about 9. Dad & Buddy

working to-day as they could get H. C. R

helper at Smith's. I [?] up a little

19 rubbish. made apple-raisin pie.

Ethel up at eleven. took nap again after lunch.

Both came out at 4. They left for [?].

Then to Johnson's in eve. getting pretty icy.

19 I finished Earl's green pants & he took those

& pair of H. work pants home. Dad & I read

most of eve. after light supper. I started

crocheting doilie but eyes get tired. Bed 10-30