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[?] going out to dinner with Thila.  Wed.

18° clear/cold.  JANUARY 2

19 Dad took [?] to Bus. then went to

Willitts to look at boiler. ordered a new one.

I went with Anita to Supplies. Had a [?]

dinner. We took peas, rolls & coffee [?]

19 worked on Quilts. a few min. after I came

in Buddy came from Kennett getting his papers

O.K. I gave him butter & he took his [?] for

Tommy. Dad met 10-40 Bus. Ethel with Thila

1947  162 gal. fuel aid $4.90 (paid) Thurs.

very icy on top of snow. Men came along for

Ethel. Bud came in soon. his wind shall

was covered with ice. hard to get off. Dad & I

went to Smiths. I packed H helping lunch so they can

stay all day. I tried to walk out to mail

box but too icy, was afraid of falling.

Was glad when they all got in [?].

I 19 had cold turkey for supper. good. But

left promptly as Steel is taking he & Larry

to Wagontown to install officers. What a 

night. fog is the worst. Ethel wrapped

Gifts for Francis Contes Baby.