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                             MR. AND MRS. CLYDE WORTH

                                   1010 (?) Weller Ave.

                                      Havertown, Pa.

19(degree sign)

                                  New Year's Day

Beautiful day.  Earl took Kenny to  S.S.  (?)  Jean not good.  Lanny haveing (sic) Dad L.  Ma L. can't  Graced (?) Al. for dinner.  Bud took Dad and Jessie to Church.  I didn't go as I wanted dinner for Bob's family at 12-30.  We ate then I Bob and Ethel over to see Dad L.  then Home so Susan could have a nap before they went to Jean's open House.  I did dishes and Dad took a nap.  I read awhile.  Wwe weren't hungry for supper only Dad had a little ice-cream.  At 7-30 we went up to Ethel's She was getting little ones ready for bed.  Ma J and Emily had stopped so were late with their lite (?).  I did up dishes.  Children is bed by 8-30 then Bob and Ethel left to come to Bud's for eve. Dad left ahead of them.  Jean and H. Charlie and Joyce to there also.  I took a nap and read.  Earl came for me at 2- o'clock.