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I sent check for Grange dues 4 

Thanked Anna Starr for (?) card

She is Sec. of Concord now.

                                            Tuesday January 3, 1956

                                               3rd Day - 363 Days to Follow.

Very foggy.  Hardly see the town.  Kermy back to S. Jessie to (?) Earl and Jack on pipe line to shop, digging, and deep so it won't freeze this time, then over to Stone's.  I ordered flowers sent to L Killam at hospital.  We had piece of Lanny's apricot nut bread for lunch very nice.  Amy called about Missionary.  Ma putting off still next wk.  but I think we should stick to our regular day.  Betty H. stopped for Church Key to get her plant.  asked me to keep Treas., Dessie (?) w. Sec Emma,  Me (?) Carm for President.  She said Amy doesn't want it.  Anita called in eve.  Louis K. ate a good supper, is much better.  They have a nurse for Bessie, she is in bed at home. A M(?) Requested as her nurse.  I took greens off Bufffet.  Getting very dry.