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Bob and Ethel hearing a Dr. Bierly at PTA

on Polio serum and pictures.

                   Thursday, January 5, 1956

                    5th Day -361 Days to Follow

Clear, wind rising with Sun.  Kenny to S Jessie to W.  Earl and Jack to Sharp. W. then to H. Seals.  I past Missionary book and money in order from yesterday.  Larry took Jean and I to N.C at 10 O'Clock to Acme.  got big order, things I can't get at Mrs. Smith's . on to Pitch for fish and oysters.  Flounder for supper.  good.  Tammy and Jean over to Stellwagons for homemaker's meeting in afternoon.  Herring came in after S. (?) and I played 2 games of Parcheesi, counting is good for him.  Jessie late getting home.  Bill forgot her she started on Bus, then got afraid of the dark.  Got off at Price St. H. brought her home.  Dad and I up to Bob's at 7-30.  We stayed with little ones while they went to PTA.  Bobby coughing a good bitwent to sleep about 9.