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                                  Friday, January 6, 1956

                                        6th Day - 360 Days to Follow


Cloudy.  Not so cold.  Kenny to S. I took Bank slip over to Tammy, she is making out bills today.  I called Anita about Louis.  She sent red carnations to Bessie yesterday from Missionary Group.  She is very much better but still in bed.  Moved Louis to third for to-day.  Jessie down awhile.Talking.  She expected Ella and V.  up but they won't be coming.  She showed me she is making more money working 3 days at 81  8 + (?) Soc. Sec. check than if she worked steady.  We had fish again for supper.  surely good.  Paul Willits here and paid Grange bill (fixing pump)