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Russell Worthington died tonight. Earl and Lanny knew it when they were at party as they called Harvey.

21 (degree sign).  Very dull and colder.  Feels like snow. Jack down and he and Bud to Ed. hughes. and in shoptill noon.  I didn't want much but bread at store so Lanny got that and paid for Locals.  I took all greens off mantle and Dad burned them up.  We rec. on the big bills that were out from Jos. DeNemo.  Glad of that.  Jessie down talking in after-noon awhile.  H. coming to supper with her.  Dad and Earl to Eachus at 2-30.  Ethel thought we might get up but I wouldn't to-day.  She was going in to shop a little. after supper we watched TV till 8-30 .  Then I went over to stay with Kenny and Jean.  Card party at Abrams tonight.  We went to bed at 9-20.  Good little ones.  I came down at 10-30 watched Ford Playhouse on TV.  Good.