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My white socks kitty has been gone for 2 days.

                                       Sunday, January 8, 1956

                                      8th Day - 358 Days to Follow

14 (degree sign)

Beautiful day.  But cold and windy.  Wind howled all night.  Bud brought up paper from Clousers and turned heat up at Church.  He took Kenny to T.S.  Lanny taking Jean to church today.  Kenny sat next to me and was a little man.  Fair congregation.  Had meeting after church.  Tammy brought little ones home and Bud , Jack with us after W.  He left at 1 for Hospital with Ma L.  I talked to Ethel, they hadn't heard about R. Worthington.  We had a quiet day.  Too cold to go anywhere.  So windy.  Jessie out with H. a little whilebut back for supper.  I made bed up in den.  Bed R too cold.  H.  down and got dust-pan.  Dad help made for him $2.00 (li?) Earl back by 6.