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Anita said Lady paid her for Quilt we had done.  $35.00

                                       Monday, January 9, 1956

                                    9th Day -357 Days to Follow

22 (degree sign)

Sleeting.  Fine mist freezing on wires and trees.  Bud took Kenny to S, Jessie to M.  Bill a little late coming for her.  Dad and I made out check to mail.  Earl and Jack working in shop.  Lad day.  Amy over a little while in morn.  I looked in 36 Diary and found date for her of sad day for Joe Oherle when his children were killed.  She and Joe were at Smedley's at Grange M when Mr. Worthington had heart attack and died Sat. night.  He looked fine she said and had sung a piece for them, just slumped to the floor. dreadful ending to a nice meeting, but such a nice way to go.  No lingering.  Lanny ordered  spray from Dad and I.  Both Ethel and I and Dad.  Carnations.  He will have more flowers than one person should receive.  So well known.