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(?) Beth is 2 years old to-day.  Lanny and Bud gave her white flowers and redcoat to match red corduroy skirt.  We gave her bracelet and 5 for shoes.  We all had ice cream and cake.  4 little ones cute around little table.

32 (degree sign)

raining just a little.  Not cold enough to freeze.  Kenny to S.  Earl and Jack to Mrs. Marshall, then (?) Leon Martin.  After lunch to M. Pratt.  Dad had thought he would go to bank as we have several checks but didn't go.  Took short nap.  then M. Pratt bought some glass to shop and Dad cut it for him.  I got little things ready to take to Ethel's in eve.  Jessie down awhile.  going to Grange in eve.  with H. W.  We all left at 7 in green DeSoto.  Bob brought his Ma. out.  children had good time helping Susan open her Gifts.  Loved piano last fall.  Ethel had brought her.  Bob took several pictures.  Left at 9.  All had good time.