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Louis Kellarn is 81 to-day.  I sent him card yesterday and lot of others did too. 

             Saturday, January 14, 1956

              14th Day -352 Days to Follow

24 (degree sign)

Beautiful morn but cold and windy.  Earl and Jack down to 1704 House to pull Pump.  After Dad had his breakfast he went down too, warm in house if just stays in it.  H.  Kellain came in for supplies so I sent him to bring Dad home, then he took Jessie and I to store for few things.  Bud and Dad in shop on pump, till 1-50 then we went to Ethel's.  Susan in bed, Ethel (?).  Both to party on our way to shop.  Dad talked to Bob and watched game on TV.  Ethel got Gift for Jean's baby and pair of shoes at Hoffman's (on Sale) only stayed till 3-30 and then Jack and picked Bobby up.  He had good time.  I left bracelet to have Susan name put in Dad and I home by 4-30.  Jessie down eve.