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Dr. heim our Minister to-day.

                   Sunday, January 15, 1956

                    15th Day - 351 Days to Follow

30 (degree sign)  Al. took his Ma. to see Dad L.  cloudy and dull.  I was up at 7-30, had my bath then Dad took his and back to bed.  I had my breakfast and fed Kitty-kat, wish I knew where white toes is.  Lanny and children sat with Dad and I at Chruch. good little ones.  fair Congregation and beautiful.  flowers on Alter (sic).  Circle sending them to Dr. H.  Earl and Dad took them when they went at 1-45 to see Dr. H and Louis Kellam.  Both able to be up now and won't be too long before Louis gets home.  Dr. Heim to be with us next Sun also.  Beautiful in after-noon.  I thought Bob and Ethel might get down but they didn't.  We watched TV till late.  Jessie and H down to see Bob her Bro.