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Miss Garreth's (where we Quilt) brother in bed with Pneumonia.  Bud took little (Trixie) to Bill Jeste.

                Monday, January 16, 1956

               16th Day - 350 Days to follow

Clear.  Kermy to S. Jessie to W. Earl and Jack to DeNemos putting electirc pump in at ram (?). Dad signed check (several) and we went to U.C. He to Bank and I got tailor chalk at Singer Machine, needles for Lanny.  Dad got white enamel for little bed he is painting.  Home by q0.  Lanny washing, but going to put them in cellar.  C (?) Davis is with Ins. for truck and we paint it, taking Charlie, Bill off.  She and C. had been to Farm Show with Amy and Joe Oherle.  I talked to Ethel in eve.  They had taken Ma J and Emily on Sun. to see Aunt Bess and her sister.  Such a nice day.  Good they did.  We may not get another like it for awhile.  Bed at 11.