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Jack not down till 9. tie up (?) on hill.  He came around back roads to get here.  Very bad.

                 Tuesday, January 17, 1956

                 17th Day - 349 Days to Follow

20 (degree sign)  Jessie said Bill turned around going to work.  ground covered with snow, about 3" icy under coat, making travel very bad.  Bud took Kermy to S.  Bud Jessie to W. with Bill.  Jack not down till 9, then he and Bud to Darrell's.  Wife to Eachus after lunch.  Dad put coat of paint or enamel on little bed.  He took a nap after lunch.  Mrs. Clouser called me, asking about Dr. H.  I got dress material out of Cedar Chest to cut out but it was so mussed had to press it.  At least a year since I got it at Mill.  time to get supper so layed (sic) away till another time.  Ethel called, her sink stopped.  Dad tried to tell her how to open it.  jessie down awile in eve.