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I ordered a Begonia sent to Mrs. McCue from Kifts (?) after talking to Mary Ella.  also sent her a card.  I rec. letter from E Starbuck.  Dad met Ken.  They moved across street from shop.

Dull and cloudy.  Kermy to L.  Earl and Jack to Ed. Hughes.  I went over at 8-30 and got Jean, put her things on and brought her over.  Lanny and Dr. Spellman left at 9 for Dr. Lewis going to shop a little.  Dad went to Bank with 3 checks and took 4 grapefruit and 10 oranges from Gift Basket sent to Dad and Bird from J.M. Clompus.  up to Ethel.  We had lunch and Lanny got home at 12-30.  Jean wanted to nap here in my bed so she did.  Dad in his and she took a good nap.  Kermy came home feeling bad at stomach so laid down awhile.  Lanny so tired she took a good nap. Ethel called at 5, liked the fruit.  Bob may do her shopping to-night as it is really snowing now and looks like business Dad and I both seemed tired in eve.  Bed at 10.