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                            Friday, January 20, 1956

                           20th Day - 346 Days to Follow

20 (degree sign)

Everything white.  about 4" fell last night.  Still cloudy but no more predicted.  Kermy not feeling good about stomach so didn't attempt to go to S.  We haven't heard but there may not of been school.  Jack had to put chains on to get here.  After digging out, boys put chains on truck, then to U. C. and on over to Ed.Hughes.  Lanny over at noon with pieces of fillet of flounder, more than they could eat.  Jessie down a little, brought mail in.  I should be cutting out dress but am surely lazy.  Dad took long nap, don't know how he sleeps at night so well.  Jessie down in eve.  So much snow and ice H.W. can't get down.  We watched T.V till 11.  getting colder.