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Edgar Patchel up and ehlped bring Louis Bellam home to-day from Hospital. Nurse is still at the apart. to help Bessie

16 (degree sign)

Beautiful day.  cold.  Earl and Jack to Ed. Hughes trying to keep ahead of the carpenters.  Dad took me to Smith's I got a few things and few for Lanny and Jessie.  I wiped up kitchen floor and ran sweeper over D.R rug.  dirt really walk in.  After lunch Dad and Bud down to 1704 House.  H. W. down to see Jessie, brought another little chair he had caned for her at jail.  looked nice.  Mary Ella called, her Mother liked the plant.  She is feeling a little stronger now.  Kermy has a little sore throat so won't be going to S.S.  Ethel called.  They had been in U.C. shopping.  Bobby had shot at Dr. H. and a haircut.  We watched TV, especially Bowling tournament.  very good.