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Dr. Heim pastor again.

          Sunday, January 22, 1956

           22nd Day - 344 Days to Follow

26 (degree sign)  Earl has a bad back.  Cold I guess.  Clear.  Beautiful over - head.  Plenty of snow but we got to Church all right.  Kermy not good enough for S.S.  Jean so didn't go either.  Bud took Jessie, Dad and I to Church.  Not very many out.  A lot don't care for Dr. Heim  We will have him next week too, makes our offerings small.  Al took Ma. S. to Hospital to-day.  About 5 in comes Ethel, Bob and Bobby and Susan, brought us pictures of family she wanted for Christmas but wasn't done.  Very good of all of them.  I made hamburg sand wich and Susan had her little bite too.  so glad to see them.  certainly didn't effect them. left at 8, took Bud out to Church to turn off light some-one had left light on.  I forgot to give them more grape fruit.