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Lillie Wylie Boswell died early this morn.  Blessing, as her mind was getting worse. 

                                            Monday, January 23, 1956

                                             23rd Day- 343 Days to Follow

28 (degree sign)  John, Edith, and Lily up in the eve. to see Jessie.  Cloudy, looks like snow.  Kermy still not good.  Bud says he is full of cold so they are taking him to Dr. A, at 8 o'clock.  Jessie to W.  Earl and Jack to H. Green's, drain stopped up.  I went with Lanny at 1 to Dr. A.  He said Kermy had cold on his stomach but he was over the worst of it.  stopped at drug store for medicine, on home.  I gave her 10 oranges and 2 grape fr.  We got Locals on way home.  Earl came home at 3, back hurting him so bad, sent Jack home.  Heat pad only thing relieves him.  Amy over hunting dark grey cotton but I only had light.  She has been sick with cold.  Dad to L.B meeting with John Dodson.  Home at 11:30