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                 Tuesday, January 24, 1956

                   24th day - 342 Days to Follow

12 (degree sign)

Beautiful day, cold but not windy.  Kermy better bu not to.  S. Jessie to W. Earl's back feels better, he and Jack to Seat's (?), Mike Mullain's and Wylie's surely is icy around our yard.  Lanny put her white things out surely froze them stiff.   I washed few things and put in cellar.  Too cold for me.  After lunch I cut out house dress, don't seem to get much done.  Dad took a nap, tired from last nigth.  I didn't get any of dress pieces put together.  After supper Dad got ready to go to Meeting at Friends. M. at Birmingham (joining) Bud came over and Mrs. Elliott took Charlie Leann, Bud, and Dad out.  I talked to Ethel all well now, so glad of that.