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Bud and Jack just like minstrels when they came home for supper terrible dirty.  Dad had enough changed parts.  black soft coal and dust makes dreadful clothes.

Clear.  Beautiful morn.  Kenny not to S.  Dr. A. says he better wait till Mon.  Herman called at 7-30.  talked to Dad about R. Passmore.  tubes in boiler leaking and he don't have a [?].  in fact I don't think he knows how to do the job.  Bud never did one so Dad had breakfast and went with he and Jack.  try and show them.  I didn't go to N. C. with Lanny

she got me a few things

 and children because I was afraid Dad might need a change of clothes when he got back.  Terrible dirty job with Jessie.  Washed and hung all out, so nice by drive, dried off grand.  Dad home for lunch then took nap till 2-30 then back to Bud in DeSoto.  Home for supper and Jack and Jack to Ralph P.  Other things not working right.  Not back till 11