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Mrs. McCarm here talking about Missionary meeting next Wed.  I think we should have it even only a few can get there.

12 (degree sign)

Cloudy.  Sun can't stay out.  Kermy not at S.  Earl and Jack to Leon W. [?] and Charlie here early for pipe.  Bud and Jack to Ralph P. after they were done at Leon M.  We waited for mail then took Jessie on to U. C.  Dad to bank and I got out traps in U. C.  hardware and on to Acme for order.  He came  to help me.  I got things I can't get at Smiths.  rib roast for Sun. and some Temple oranges (45) on sale at Acme.  Just like clompus sent u.  Home by 3, then Dad took a nap.  I called Mary McMullan, asked about her Dad.  Same thing with him as Dr. Heathcote.  Not too good this after-noon.  He is over 88.  We watched TV till 9-30 then took our baths.  didn't go to bed till after 11 o'clock news