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journal Continued

March 5th 1792


August 19th, 1793.

Faith!  is the Substance of things hoped

for, the evidence of things not seen

Bright day, as I arose I stopt to look right at jesus

whose sweet and rosy voice dropt above woods

 I cling about his lilly neck

And from his smiling Glory  Caut

 the living flame

Which kindling glow filled every room

And in the Consecrated hour

I learnt his name


Was love twas love , twas Love indeed my spirit (?) and Learned my Soul to fly far from this world of Noise and Care (?).  I meant tp dash with angels there.  This to day from ten o'clock my habitation was silent heaven.  6 hours undisturbed repose gathering sweet from Sharons New heights New depths of Consolations [?] Eternal  [?]

Upon my soul joy break heaven shines I triumph as I meet the grave (true taste of life)    Eternity's my prize

oh what [?] seize my agitated breast at beginning this new book indeed it is striking oh how my heart flutters. Who can tell me what shall be the Subject thus what joy or woe will [?] the pages