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and on the following day, the United 

States was at war with Germany, Italy 

and Japan. War is a horrible thing! 

While it was still being fought 

mostly in Europe, we hadn't really 

been affected much and most of 

the time, I doubt if we realized 

just how terrible it was.  The 

worst part of it all, too, is that 

the better things are just beginning 

to happen.  We have so much to 

face yet.  Gas and sugar rationing, 

[priorities?], are just a small phase 

of it. The Great White Way of Broadway 

is dimmed out and we have

periodic practice air raids and 

blackouts to prepare us for the 

time - awful thought - when the

real thing comes.  We seem to be 

losing the war on all fronts and 

our boys are constantly registering,

being drafted and then - who knows?

Casualty lists are long.  As yet I've