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been spared having anyone I know's 

name appear on them.  I hope I'll 

always be spared that. 


This summer has been an eventful 

one.  I've had so much fun and done 

so many wonderful things since I've 

been home from College that I feel as 

if I want to reach out and hold 

on to every precious moment lest it 

slip by too quickly, without returning. 

Perhaps if I write about it, I may 

be able, in some way, to keep some 

of those memories alive. It's hard 

to know where to begin my 

reminiscings and where to start 

keeping a daily diary, but July 

First is far enough back to 

include many wonderful things 

and yet not so long ago that I 

can't remember it all.  So here 

goes !


                                       July 1st 1942

     This really wasn't an especially