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auspicious day with which to begin

a diary.  To begin with, I hadn't 

been feeling especially well all 

week. As a birthday celebration, 

Lizzie gave a gala luncheon for 

Mother and me - steamed clams, 

soft shell crabs and everything. 

I wish I could have really done

justice to it. 

    In the afternoon, Bessie Davis 

came up and inbetween showers 

we dashed into [Jamaica?] to buy 

records.  He's a scream and lots 

of fun. 

     Mother and I met Daddy at 

Dr. [Rencher's], ate at Loft's and 

then took Daddy to the Hollis 

station for the 8:31 train.  (The 

regular ritual since Dad's been 

staying at the Hotel St. George 

most of the week)

                          July 2, 1942

     The day was rather a fizzle.