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It was Lizzie's birthday, but all our 

plans fell through, since I had to 

give in and realize that I was 

sick, having lost my voice and every-

thing. I was also supposed to begin 

my volunteer work at the Jamaica Day 

Nursery, but stayed in bed instead. 

                                July 3 1942

     Dr. Pooley came in and announced 

the fact that I had a bad cold

and inflamed ear - I must stay in 

bed for several days.

                                July 4, 1942

     The Fourth of July with more 

patriotism than ever and me, still 

sick !  Bugsie, Audrey and Joasie 

came up in the morning; Bill Brenner 

came later, bringing ice cream and 

acting sympathetic  Around 9:00 P.M. 

Dave Yeoman "completely amazed me" 

by dropping in.

                                 July 5, 1942

     Floyd, and afterwards Bugsie