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came up and we played three handed

bridge. At night Ed Damm and 

four of his friends, whom I had 

never met, dropped by.  I only 

saw Eddie though - the others 

stayed in the car. 

                         July 6, 1942

     Louise and "Billy" Gulick came 

out this evening. We had a 

city wide practice blackout.

                        July 7, 1942

     I earned by first money 

today !!  I'm giving Pats Brennan 

Latin lessons at $1.50 an hour.  I 

didn't want to charge her anything 

but the Brennans insisted, so 

now I'm a breadwinner.  Today I 

am a man or something.

     Floyd stopped by on his way 

home from work. 

                        July 8, 1942

    Flash !  I got a letter from 

Bill Boyd, saying he'd be home