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any day.  That's wonderful news since 

the poor fellow's been disappointed 

in having a furlough so many times, 

especially when he changed it all 

around, in June to be home after 

I arrived in Hollis; and then the 

whole darned furlough was cancelled. 

I want to see him so badly.

     Tonight Bill Brennan and I 

went into New York to see "Let's 

Face it" starring Danny Kaye. It

was marvelous and we had a 

super time together. Bill's pretty 


                              July 9, 1942

     Ed Damm and his friends 

Ed Boylan, Jimmy Mooney, "Whitey" 

[McGillup?], came out again and 

Bugsie and Irene came up.  We 

had a smooth time.  The fellows, 

particularly Jimmy had us in 

continual stitches. Ed Boylan is

just about the most wonderful