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pianist I've ever heard. He played at 

Carnegie Hall twice this winter 

and is really superb.

                              July 10, 1942

     Triple Flash! Bill Boyd 

came home.  I was so doggone 

glad to see him, and yet we 

were rather strange with each 

other being as how I hadn't 

seen him since my Christmas 

vacation.  He looks quite nice in 

his uniform with the one chevron 

on the right sleave.  It gave me 

a shock though, realizing that 

some day he'll be "over there" 

too.  Late Friday afternoon he 

took the train to Wilkes Barrre 

to be with his Mother and Dad 

until next Wednesday, when he'll 

come back here. 

                              July 11, 1942

     Mother and I went over to

Hettler's for a delicious lunch