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                             July 12, 1942

     Daddy took Mother and me out 

to the Maine Maid for a wonderful 

dinner.  Floyd came up in the evening; 

Eddie Damm phoned; and Bill Boyd 

called long distance from Wilkes-

Barre [Thrill !]

                              July 13, 1942

     I went over to Louise's for the 

day, touring Jackson Heights with 

her and having lunch at Howard 

Johnson's.  I went to the dentist's 

and then to Dr. [Rencher's?] with Mother 

and Daddy.

                             July 14, 1942

     I gave Pats a Latin lesson,

and then Mother, Louise and I tore

down to William Street, N.Y.C. to

sign up as registrars for a hole-in-

one tournament for the U.S.O., "the

army behind the army and navy."

I had my hair set and eyebrows 

tweezed (glamour gal?), and [Bussie?]